This very compact and portable white noise generator is especially useful for creating a calm, interruption free sound environment.

Noise canceling headphones alone are not enough to eliminate annoying background noise such as people talking in the next cube at work, or the TV noise from the apartment next door. While the noise canceling headphones will reduce the volume of the unwanted noise, the human ear will automatically increase sensitivity so that the average sound level may be heard. The solution is to connect a white noise generator to your noise canceling headphones. The ear will adjust to the volume level of the calming white noise and the mind will easily ignore the smooth uniform sound.

This device is easy to use. Just connect a micro-USB power source and any 3.5mm standard audio headphone jack. Volume control is provided with one button for up and a separate button for down.

Any amplified speaker system may be connected to this white noise generator, including computer speakers, home stereo, or any stereo system that has an AUX input. The white noise generator will easily provide line level. This white noise generator does not have it's own speaker.

Ordinary headphones may be connected, but care should be taken to not turn the volume up too loud. If it sounds too loud, turn it down. Noise cancellation is recommended if your desire is to reduce annoying ambient noise.

This high quality white noise generator uses an analog based true random number generator to continuously update the seed for a high speed digital random number generator. The number sequence will not repeat like other prerecorded white noise “generators”. Each channel is separately updated with full 16 bit quality random numbers at audio rates. The sound is smooth and varies continuously in volume at all frequencies throughout the audio range.

This calming sound is nearly the same as the sound that is heard when a large sea shell is held up to your ear.